Got An Ugly Heater? Here Are 4 Great Solutions To Cover It!

No matter how well you have mastered the art of feng shui, certain necessary appliances in your home can totally ruin the good design energy. Your heater is one of them. Newer model furnaces and heaters from companies like Moore & Russell Heating Ltd can be smaller and less ghastly. However, if your old clunker is working just fine and not running up your energy bill, there's no need to replace it. Simply grab your craft supplies, a few tools, and your imagination to get rid of the ugly furnace problem once and for all. Here are 3 solutions to hiding that horrible monster that's ruining your home's feng shui!

If you're pressed for cash, covering your heating system is still possible. Try one of the following cheap and quick solutions:

  • Curtains—If you don't have a natural closet for appliances like your hot water heater and furnace, you can make one with a nice pair of curtains. Hang a curtain rod from the ceiling to fit the area you are looking to cover. You may need to create an angle with two rods of the same length. Next, get a pair of floor-length curtains so that the piping and other elements are hidden.  It's totally up to you what style and design you'd like to use. Still, it's best to use a pattern or color that complements the rest of the area. 
  • Refurbished closet doors—Another fast and cheap way to cover your eyesore heating system is with closet doors. Browse around your local flea markets or second-hand shops for a couple shuttered, bi-fold closet doors. Take them home, sand down any surface imperfections, and then cover them with paint in your choice of color. After the paint dries, all you have to do is stand the doors up in front of the heater. Voila! No more eyesore.

If you have a little more cash to burn, you can get really creative with covering your furnace. Consider one of these great options:

  • Custom cabinetry—You can hire a builder to produce beautiful, custom cabinetry that can conceal an ugly radiator or furnace. This can be mounted over the appliance to hide it but still offer shelving and space for displaying art and pictures above. Additionally, cabinetry can cover the heater only or encompass the entire wall and offer you lots of built-in storage.
  • Custom grates—If you are really wanting to take your space to a new level, you can commission a contractor to design a custom grate that will complement the area around your heater. The grate can be a bold or neutral color with unique designs and patterns. Plus, it can offer additional shelving or display space above, too!

Don't fret anymore about your heating system subtracting from the overall aesthetics of your home. Try one of these low-cost or custom projects to hide your horrible heating today!