Landscaping For Modular Home Installation

If you have selected from one of the many modular homes you had to choose from, from a company like Hart Modular Homes, you're probably anxious to get started making it home. That means you may want to start your landscaping while your foundation or basement and utilities are getting set up. While you can't do everything at once, there are a few things you can do before your modular home gets set up.

Clear the Driveway

A modular home needs plenty of room to get down the driveway. Since you already have people coming and going as they prepare the foundation or basement and get the utility lines ready, there may be a clear path from the road to the house. However, it may not be big enough for the modular home. Now is a good time to clear the way a bit more. If possible, talk to the driver in order to learn exactly what needs cleared. If you can't do that, try to estimate it yourself.

  • Move any large rocks out of the general area so they don't block the driver.
  • Trim tree branches along the driveway as well as around the area where the house will be set. You don't want the branches to tear up your siding as the modular home is brought in.
  • Clear a path just past the place where the home will be set up. This will give the driver room in case he or she has to pull in and then back the house in place.

Put the Basic Landscape Materials in Place

Now that you have the area cleared for the driver, you can start planning what you will do once the house is in place. You can't plant flowers near the house or the driveway, but you can start doing things like laying ground cover to prevent weeds. If you are putting limestone or other small stones around the house, you can do this as well. These are things that won't be damaged if someone steps on them, but they are important for your future landscaping projects.

Since you are limited in what you can do around the house area on your property, now is a good time for you to be contacting utility companies, contractors, and other people who will need to come over to complete the setup. Make sure that everyone has the right day on their schedule. Then you can just make sure you have everything packed and ready to go for the big move in day!