Rent A Scissors Lift And Keep Your Packaging Company Safer This Holiday Season

With the holiday season just a few months away, you may be in a rush to get your customers' packages out on time. But to do so, your employees may be at risk for workforce injuries. A small mobile scissors lift can help transfer and load heavy boxes, equipment and other holiday merchandise with very little effort from your employees. Here are two reasons why your packaging company should rent a scissors lift during the gift-giving season.

Keeps Your Production Lines on Track without Injuries

When your customers' order your merchandise, they expect to receive it before the holidays. To meet these expectations, your production lines may move faster than usual to do so. If your employees use the wrong body mechanics like twisting or lifting with their backs, they may suffer injuries. A scissors lift can keep your production lines moving smoothly without placing your employees at risk.

There are three unique features of a mobile scissors lift that may protect your employees from injuries:

  • Sturdy caster wheels: A mobile scissors lift uses sturdy caster wheels to move from one area of the production line to another without slipping on tile, cement and other smooth surfaces. The wheels can swivel around tight corners and spaces with ease, which makes it easy on your employees' backs, legs and upper body. They don't have to worry about slipping on the flooring.
  • Strong stainless steel table: The lift features an adjustable wide table made of strong stainless steel or some other tough material. The table rises to different heights, which helps your employees avoid overstretching their backs or overextending their arms.
  • Large handle: Your employees can use the lift's large handle to push it around the production lines. This may help protect your employees from back injuries that often occur from pulling heavy loads.

You can keep your production lines on track, protect your employees from injuries and still meet your customers' expectations with the right mobile scissors lift.

Prevents Employee Trips and Falls

Most mobile scissors lifts fold up for easy storage in a corner or utility room. This may help eliminate the need to place it out in the open after use. Your busy employees may injure themselves by tripping and falling over it, which may slow down or stop your production lines.

If you need more assistance on choosing the right mobile scissors lift, contact a rental company such as Skyrider Equipment for information. It can help you keep your employees safe and customers happy this holiday season.