Tips for Remodeling With Vintage-Style Kitchen Cabinets

The inevitable truth in both fashion and home decoration is that anything that goes out of style will eventually come back into fashion again. Right now, vintage-style kitchens given a modern, sleeker renovation are gaining popularity as an alternative to other trendy designs. As one of the more obvious fixtures in your kitchen, cabinets can set the tone for the whole room. These are four tips to help you remodel your kitchen cabinets in a vintage style while still incorporating more modern elements and sensibilities. 

Contrasting White and Bold Pastels

White cabinets are very popular at the moment, despite being harder to keep clean, for the light and airy look they give a room. Since vintage furniture can be bulky, and kitchens in general tend to clutter quickly, oping for white paint, appliances and cabinetry can have a pleasing effect while still maintaining a vintage charm. Pair these whites with pastel-colored cabinets that are bold enough to command attention, but not through such a stark contrast as some modern decor. Blues, pinks and greens are all popular colors for vintage kitchens. 

Installing Vintage Hardware

Even if your cabinets are new and efficient, vintage hardware such as handles can give them a look right out of old photographs. Better yet, vintage cabinet parts can be found in many antique stores on the cheap. Talk to your cabinet installers about incorporating vintage handles into your initial set-up, or consider adding them in at a later time when you find just the right piece. 

Distressing Wood Finishes

If you would like to avoid the bright, optimistic tones of the 1950s and 1960s, you can try taking your vintage inspiration even farther back in time to the early 20th century. Distressed wood cabinets are faded, with a pronounced grain. The wood beneath may be only a few years old, but the surface looks like it has already seen decades of warm memories and family moments, giving the whole kitchen a cozy atmosphere. 

Complementing With Vintage-Style Furniture and Appliances

Of course, even the most well executed cabinets will look out of place and unattractive if paired with the wrong furniture and accents. Extend your vintage theme to your appliances, particularly your stove and fridge, and furniture such as tables and chairs.

Don't sacrifice function for aesthetics, since you still need to work in your kitchen, but scouting around your local antique stores can turn up many beautiful accent pieces like vases, old cookware, clocks and crockery. With dedication and a deft eye for details, your kitchen will be able to stir up deep-seated feelings of nostalgia in your guests while still looking fresh, clean and stylish. 

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