How To Make Your Roof Look Great And Last Long--On A Budget

If you're a homeowner, then you are one of millions throughout North America that spend considerable time and money to make their homes look good. You wash the sidewalks, cut the grass, and clean the windows so that you can keep the well being and property value of your home as high as can be. If your neighbors do likewise, then the well being and property value of your neighborhood will fare all the better. Yet, even more important than positive appearances is structural integrity.

The stronger your home is, the higher its property value. Replacing your old roof with stronger, more beautiful materials will do wonders for your home's value. Better yet, there are ways you can accomplish this task on a budget. Here you will learn about two different types of high-end roofing products, why they are so desirable, and how you can gain most of their benefits with an alternative material.

Clay Tiles: Mediterranean Style

One of the many factors to consider in a roofing product is its ability to insulate. The more insulating the material is, the better it will maintain the temperature inside the house. Clay makes for a great roof for that reason. Beyond that, clay is practically fireproof, highly resistant to wind, and it doesn't need much maintenance from you. Not to mention, passers by almost have to resist the urge to stare at the tiles with their Mediterranean, half-pipe style.

The Alternative-- Asphalt shingles are meant to lay flat, but aluminum and steel can be formed after the unmistakable manner of clay roofing tiles. After they are forged and shaped, the metal tiles are primed, painted, and textured to convincingly substitute for clay. Steel is an especially affordable alternative, and can still last for up to 50 years if well maintained.

The Rare and Expensive Slate Shingles

Slate is a natural stone that is particularly hard and strong, even if it is cut to less than half an inch thickness. Because of the meticulous process involved in making this stone into a roof cladding, a few extraordinarily expensive roofing specialists are the only ones that can be hired for such a job today.

The Alternative-- Slate has been a rare commodity for many years, so there are multiple alternatives to slate. One of the best materials to use in place of slate is a hardened rubber product shaped and colored to resemble it. This heavy-duty rubber actually has an advantage over natural slate; rubber won't break on impact like slate will.

Clay and slate represent the standard of structural integrity and appearance that many homeowners can only dream of acquiring. But, the alternatives here described will make a fitting and satisfying fit for your home. Contact a company like Rippy'S Roofing & Construction Inc for more information.