How to Thaw Out A Frozen Condensate Pipe And Keep It Maintained

The condensate pipe that is connected to your furnace is responsible for removing moisture and eliminating it outdoors. During colder months of the year, this pipe is at risk of freezing. If this occurs, your furnace may stop working. Follow the steps below to quickly thaw it out.

Use Warm Water And A Heat Pack

Turn off the power to your furnace until the condensate pipe is thawed out. Add warm water to a large watering jug. Pour it over the length of the pipe. You may need to refill the jug several times in order to have the amount of warm water that is necessary. If you are busy with another project, attach a heat pack to the pipe. A heat pack contains sodium acetate. Once activated, the pack will warm up quickly.

Place a heat pack directly over the area that is frozen. Wrap a towel around the pack and the condensate pipe and secure them with duct tape. After a couple hours, the ice should be thawed enough so that any liquid inside of the pipe is able to drain. 

Insulate The Pipe

Once the pipe is thawed out, you will want to keep it that way. Purchase foam insulation from a hardware store or home improvement center. Provide the measurement of the pipe that you are going to be covering when you go to make your purchase. You will need some thermal tape to seal the edges of the insulation.

The foam insulation will have an opening that runs lengthwise. This opening will make it very easy to wrap the pipe. Place the foam around the pipe. Cut a strip of thermal tape to close the opening. Apply the tape lengthwise across the insulation. Cover the entire pipe with as many pieces of insulation as necessary. Once the pipe is completely covered, the chances of it becoming frozen again are going to be drastically reduced. 

Check The Status Of Your Furnace

Turn your furnace back on and adjust the temperature. Check the vents in your home to make sure warm air is coming out of them. Wait several minutes for your home to heat up. If everything seems to be operating correctly, you have successfully thawed out the pipe. If problems still persist, seek assistance from a licensed HVAC technician like Coral Home Comfort. As long as you continue to maintain your furnace and the pipe leading outside, you will remain warm and comfortable throughout the year.