Adding A Drain Line To A Hot Water Heater Pan

Over the years, the tank inside your water heater can begin to corrode and weaken. This can lead to serious leaks that can damage your home, including your carpet, flooring and furnishings. In many parts of the country, homeowners are required to install a pan underneath their hot water heater to catch any leaks. A drain line is then attached to the pan to direct any overflow outside the home. The following will show you how to attach a drain line to a hot water heater pan.

Step 1. Before you do anything else, decide where you want the drain line to empty. In most areas, code requirements are that the line should either empty into a drain in the floor or outside your home. For the line, it's best to use rubber hose. It's less of a tripping hazard and is less likely to break. If you don't have a handy floor drain, run the line to a sump pump so the overflow can be pumped outside. It's important that this line is level along its length or sloping downward.

Step 2. If the manufacturer did not provide one, you will have to use an electric drill to drill a hole in the drain pan. Place the threaded part of the PVC fitting that came with your drain pan against the pan to mark the spot where you need to drill your hole. The bottom of the hole should be half an inch away from the bottom edge of the pan. If your pan didn't come with a PVC fitting, you need to purchase one that's no less than three-quarters of an inch in diameter.

Step 3. Insert the thread of the PVC fitting through the hole and tighten the nut on the other side with a pair of pliers.

Step 4. Apply a line of silicone adhesive around the joint between the fitting and the drain pan to ensure that the fitting doesn't leak. It's important to apply this to both the inside and outside of the hole.

Step 5. With one end of the rubber hose at the drain or sump pump, take the other end and slide it over the fitting. Tighten a hose clamp over the hose to secure it to the fitting.

Step 6. Position the drain pan where the hot water heater is going to go. You can now place the hot water heater in the pan.

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