Windshield Replacement And Maintenance Tips

There are many things that a responsible car owner should do to maintain their vehicle's safety and quality performance. Care of the windshield and replacing it whenever necessary is one of those vital habits that keeps a car in top shape.

Ways to Prolong a Windshield's Life

The occasional chip in your windshield is inevitable, but there are ways you can mitigate the damage caused by these chips and maintain your windshield's safety and functionality.

  • At-home Repair Kits  Most auto care stores sell kits that allow a car owner to patch a chip in their windshield. The kits include clear resin and a tool for accurately placing the resin on the chipped glass. When the resin is dry it seals the damaged glass and should prevent further cracking.
  • Repair Specialists  Some car dealerships or body repair shops will provide chip and crack repairs for a fee. You also may have seen "free" chip repair stands in parking lots before. These groups do the same service, but they usually will get a payment from your insurance, so be aware that your insurance may go up after using one.

Reasons to Replace a Windshield

At some point the damage to your windshield will likely require a windshield replacement. Though it isn't a fun purchase, here are several reasons why it is important to stay on top of getting a windshield replaced.

  • Improve Visibility  Large chips and long cracks reduce a driver's ability to see out of the windshield, especially in less-than-ideal conditions. Issues with sun glares, rain, and ice can be made much worse if a windshield is damaged.
  • Pass Inspection All provinces have safety standards that vehicles must meet in order to be driven on the road without incurring fines. Seriously damaged windshields can make your car fail its regular safety inspection, and failing to replace the windshield and submit a new safety report can mean some serious fines from local governments.
  • Maintain High Safety Any imperfections in your windshield mean that in the event of a serious accident, it won't protect as well from heavy debris on the road. Over time, small cracks become much larger, and the changes in weather can weaken the plastic sheathing that coats the glass and keeps it from shattering in dangerous shards when broken.

Getting your windshield replaced is very easy. Most replacement companies will send a technician to your house and will remove the old windshield and place the new one within about an hour or so. They usually only ask that you refrain from driving until the adhesion materials are fully dry, usually another hour.