How To Spot And Stop Powderpost Beetles In Your Hardwood Flooring

The right cleaning supplies and care can keep your hardwood floors looking beautiful for the life of your home. But when powderpost beetles see your hardwood floors as food or a place to call home, they can quickly destroy the beauty of your wood's shine, finish and stability. Finding the bugs isn't easy because they stay hidden deep inside the wood of your flooring. With the right tips, you can spot, stop and annihilate these destructive pests in your hardwood flooring.

How to Spot Powderpost Beetles

Powderpost beetles live in different locations around North America, including the northern region of Canada. Although it gets very cold in the winter, powderpost beetles can still lay eggs and hibernate in your hardwood flooring until they hatch or emerge up to five years later. These bugs can burrow deep down into your wood flooring and hide unseen by you, even when you clean your flooring. These features make powderpost beetles some of the sneakiest pests in the country.

However, you can learn to spot powderpost beetles by looking for these three subtle signs:

  1. Look for tiny holes on the surfaces of your wood flooring. The holes should be no larger than the tips or ends of thin toothpicks.
  2. Look for small piles of wood dust on the surfaces of the flooring. The dust may be signs of multiple burrows or tracks, which the beetles use to move through the wood.
  3. Listen for faint chewing sounds. Powderpost beetles can make noises as they chew through your hardwood flooring. 

Once you locate the pests, you need to get rid of them and keep them out.

How to Get Rid of Powderpost Beetles

You should contact a local pest control expert to inspect your hardwood floors and home. If you have bugs in your wood, chances are you have them elsewhere in the house. Depending on the company, the exterminators may use different chemical treatments to get rid of the beetles throughout the house. Once you have this done, clean your flooring thoroughly to remove any bug and chemical residue from the wood.

To clean your flooring:

  • Use a soft cloth mop to remove the powderpost beetles' dust, as well as any dirt and grime from the hardwood.
  • Run a steam cleaning machine over the flooring to remove any leftover pest control chemical residue from the hardwood.
  • Apply a coating of hardwood flooring oil to the surfaces of the wood to protect it from future beetle infestations.

If your flooring is too damaged, contact a hardwood flooring provider, such as United Floors, for a replacement. 

Getting rid of destructive bugs like powderpost beetles is essential to the health and beauty of your hardwood flooring. If you have any questions about protecting your flooring, be sure to schedule an appointment with your hardwood supplier today.