3 Renovation Projects That Increase The Value Of Your Home Exponentially

When you are struggling to sell your home or want to improve the value of it before you sell, it's important to update any parts of the home that look old or damaged. Here are a few ideas. 

Updating the Bathroom

Updating your bathroom is a great choice for a home renovation. It's generally one you can do yourself, and it doesn't need to be expensive. Interestingly, between 75 and 100 percent of the cost involved in this project can be recovered when you sell your home.

To update your bathroom, consider starting with smaller projects. Tearing out an old freestanding sink and adding a cabinet with a sink fit into it increases storage and gives your bathroom an updated look. For this kind of project, you only really need to turn off your water and disconnect the pipes to refit the new piece, so it's also a quick fix. 

Tiling your bathroom can be an afternoon DIY project, too. To re-tile your bathroom:

  1. You can use a chisel and hammer to remove old tiles. Place the chisel to the grout and hammer it lightly until the tile eventually breaks away.
  2. Use tile adhesive to mount the new tiles where the old tiles used to be.
  3. Using grout, you fill the spaces between the tiles, wiping off the excess grout with a wet cloth.
  4. You're done!

Fixing Your Kitchen

You don't need to call a renovation contractor for this job, and kitchen repairs and renovations can also give you a good return on investment. One of the easiest ways to update your space is by painting the walls a new color. Reds, beige, and other warm colors look great in kitchens with almost any appliances. 

After you repaint the kitchen, consider replacing your counter tops. Usually, your cupboards can be repainted, but replacing the counter can make a huge difference in how your kitchen looks. Consider swapping PVC or pressed-wood counters with marble, granite, or real-wood counter tops for an updated look. 

Clear Out Your Yard

Another way to instantly increase the value of your home is to make sure your gardens and yard are clear and clean. Not many people want to buy a home that has significant work to do in the yard, and simply having an overgrown yard or one filled with trash can bring down the value of your home. 

Before you have people view your home, make sure the lawn is mowed and that you take all trash and recyclables to the dump for sorting. Clean weeds out of your flower beds and make sure your patio isn't covered in toys or rusting furniture. 

Cleaning up the yard is simple, cheap, and can instantly attract a buyer who wants a nice outdoor space. 

These are a few ideas for how to improve your home's value. Try each one or the one you can afford, and you may see your home sell faster.