Why Building a Modular Home in Canada Is an Excellent Idea

When you want to build a new home and you choose to live in Canada, you may have to build it quickly or build the home in sections to avoid the heavy and early snowfalls. Most Canadian contractors have a few tricks up their sleeves to get homes built before the first snowflake swirls down, but there are even faster ways to get a new home built. One of the best ways is to construct a modular home. Here is why.

All the "Modules" Are Built in a Dry Factory

A modular, or prefab, home is built almost entirely in a dry factory. That means absolutely no part of your house is ever exposed to the elements while it is being built. You never have to worry about snow, rain, or ice getting into the walls or the attic, nor do you have worry about high humidity affecting the completion date of your home. The factory's temperature and humidity controls keep a perfect, year-round building environment so that construction is nonstop.

Your Home's "Modules" Are Delivered, Positioned, and Connected All at Once

Once the manufacturer has completed the work on all of your home's "modules," or sections, then all of the modules are loaded onto several flatbed trucks and delivered to your property. If a construction contractor was included in the price of the modular home, his or her crew will assemble the modules and position them perfectly before nailing, bolting, screwing, gluing, and caulking the sections together. When all of the sections are delivered together and positioned correctly, then securing them in place and to each other does not take more than two to four weeks, depending on the contractor. Regardless of the time needed to get the modules connected and sealed, your new home has almost no exposure to the elements.

Your Home Can Be Built and Fully Constructed in Winter

If you have the money or financing, you could easily have your modular home built and installed in the middle of winter. The only thing you would have to worry about is excavating your site for a basement or having it leveled for a slab foundation, because you need to do this part in the fall before the first frost. Your foundation contractor would need time to get the foundation ready and wired and have basic plumbing installed before your home's modules arrive. If you time it all perfectly, you can go from your old abode to your brand-new home just in time for Christmas. Speak with a contractor from a business like Roca Modular Homes to start planning.