How Your Picker Trucks Can Make More Money For You During Apple Harvest Season

You have several picker trucks just sitting around in the yard of your construction business. In fall, these trucks could be working just as hard as the rest of the equipment in your fleet. Many apple orchards in your area could rent these trucks from you to assist them with their harvest, since many apples are left trapped up high in the trees. Here are three ways your picker trucks can help the orchards bring in tons of fruit and both you and the orchards can benefit from a mutual partnership for the season.

Creating the Business Arrangement Where Formerly There Was None

Seek out the apple orchards in your area. Contact them and ask them about their plans to salvage the fruit in their highest trees and estimate how much money they stand to lose if they cannot get to these apples. Then offer your picker trucks as their saving grace. If they agree to a demonstration, the next step is showing them what your picker trucks can do, and convincing orchard owners why they should rent your trucks for the job.

Promoting the Benefits of Picker Trucks While Creating Repeat Business

Some apple trees can grow several feet beyond the average height of an adult human male. That leaves a lot of apples on the topmost branches of the trees. Additionally, even more apples are lost when branches are tugged or shaken to get apples higher up and apples already on the ground are mashed under foot creating a slippery mess. A picker truck eliminates all of these problems by bypassing the trunk and the apples on the ground. By showing orchard owners how effective picker trucks are for the tough jobs on their property, you can promote a continued and profitable partnership with annual rentals of your picker trucks.

Renting Your Picker Trucks out to the Orchards by the Day, Week or Month

If you are making monthly payments on picker trucks that are not being used, they can be working for the orchards and you could be earning money by renting them out to the orchards. That daily, weekly or monthly rental amount can help pay the leases on these trucks, or at the very least, pay for the gas it takes to operate them the rest of the year. If the orchard cannot pay the rent upfront, you could come to an agreement to pay the rent via a percentage of the sales of the fruit harvested, rescued by picker truck and sold to the grocers in the area.

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