Three Ways You Can Use Landscaping To Discourage Vandalism To Your Windows

If your business's neighborhood has seen an upswing in vandalism and graffiti lately, you may be rightfully concerned about how to keep your business from being next. Vandalism can be especially expensive if your building has large windows and glass doors. Although security cameras are a big help in preventing vandalism, you can also wage psychological warfare by knowing what types of surfaces and areas these criminals like to target and making sure your business doesn't fit the profile. Here are some of the easiest ways you can design your landscaping to discourage graffiti artists and other vandals from looking at your business as their next likely target.

1. Put repellent bushes in front of windows

The easier it is to access your windows, the more likely it is that they'll be vandalized. This is especially important if you have graffiti artists loose in the neighborhood who might like to get near your windows in order to scratch them or etch them with acid. Placing thick, thorny bushes under the window to completely block access can make a big difference and can be the deciding factor in whether your windows or someone else's will be the next target. The bushes you select should be not only dense and difficult to struggle through, but also closely spaced and full of thorns or spines.

2. Have an open, airy, and well-lit landscaping plan

Although dense bushes are a good bet for limiting access to your windows, it's not a good idea to sprinkle similar bushes throughout your grounds. The adoption of a more open plan will ensure that criminals have fewer places to hide. Another important aspect of this is to keep the entire scene well-lit with strong floodlights so that any activity can be easily picked up by a video camera or any security personnel you have on hand.

3. Occupy blank walls with climbing plants or trees

Farmers and home gardeners, when faced with a pest infestation, sometimes plant a "sacrificial crop" to draw the pests away from the plants they hope to harvest. For vandalism prevention, you need to follow the opposite plan. Because graffiti tends to attract more graffiti, allowing a large wall to remain blank as an inviting canvas to graffiti artists means that you could draw unwelcome attention not only to the blank wall but also to the nearby windows. Avoid this possibility by using the walls yourself; landscaping options you can use here include climbing plants, trellises, or a row of young trees to partially obscure the wall.

As you can see, using these landscaping choices carefully can help in your war on vandalism by defeating the criminals psychologically before they even get started. Use these ideas in conjunction with other measures (such as hiring security guards at night or painting a mural on a blank wall) to ensure that your windows and your entire building have the least possible chance of falling victim. To find out more, contact a business like European Glass & Paint Co Ltd.