Get Decades Of Life From Your New Metal Roof

You can expect to get nearly 8o years of use from a new metal roof. An annual inspection by one of your local roofers and some simple maintenance that you can do between visits will keep your metal roof lasting a long time. Make this the last roof you'll ever put on your home by doing these few simple maintenance tasks.

1. Keep dirt and debris from collecting on your roof.

Remove branches that have fallen onto your roof as soon as you can. Brush leaves, needles and other yard debris off of the roof before it can build up. This material can trap water on your roof. Should a fastener become loose or a metal sheet be forced up slightly at a seam, this water can make its way under the roof and cause rust and wood rot. You may even have a leak into your home that is difficult to isolate on the roof.

2. Look for loose or missing fasteners and fix immediately.

If a nail or screw is forced up out of a metal sheet during a windstorm, water has a way to get under the sheet into the house. The underside of the metal sheets are not protected with a coating, so they can rust if they get wet. Hammer or screw down loose fasteners and replace missing ones as soon as you spot them. Have a supply of fasteners at home for a quick repair job.

3. Check that flashings are all sealed against the metal roof.

Openings in the roof, such as plumbing vents and your fireplace chimney, have a metal piece around them called a flashing which seals against the roof. A roof sealer is used between the flashing and the metal roof sheet. During a storm, a piece of flashing may be forced up, breaking the seal. Hammer the flashing back down and use a tube of roof sealer to make it waterproof again. If the flashing is bent or broken, have a roofer come and repair it before it rains.

4. Keep all of your rain gutters clean, flowing smoothly and in good repair.

When a rain gutter becomes blocked, it can let water back up and touch the edge of the metal sheets hanging out over the roof. Rust can start at the edge and work its way under the metal sheets. If a gutter has become twisted and forced up onto the roof, have it repaired immediately. This is especially true if the gutter is made of a different metal than the roof. For instance, when a galvanized steel gutter touches a copper roof, a chemical reaction occurs that accelerates corrosion.

5. Keep the roof looking good and protected by reapplying the roof coating per the roofing contractor's recommendations.

The roof coating protects the roof from rust, corrosion and the effects of ultraviolet rays from the sun. Touch-ups can be done on the existing coating where it has been scratched or worn away. Your roofing service will know how often to re-coat the entire roof based on the type of coating used and the amount of weather your particular roof gets. To find out more, speak with a company like VK Roofing.