Rent A Scissors Lift And Keep Your Packaging Company Safer This Holiday Season

With the holiday season just a few months away, you may be in a rush to get your customers' packages out on time. But to do so, your employees may be at risk for workforce injuries. A small mobile scissors lift can help transfer and load heavy boxes, equipment and other holiday merchandise with very little effort from your employees. Here are two reasons why your packaging company should rent a scissors lift during the gift-giving season. [Read More]

How To Keep Construction Sites Green

When you're piling up the debris on a construction or demolition job, recycling might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Sorting the cardboard and glass is routine at home, but when you're handling electrical equipment and roofing materials, recycling may seem impractical. You're not alone, as 35 percent of materials sitting in Canadian landfills is construction waste, much of which could be recovered for some other use.  [Read More]

Got An Ugly Heater? Here Are 4 Great Solutions To Cover It!

No matter how well you have mastered the art of feng shui, certain necessary appliances in your home can totally ruin the good design energy. Your heater is one of them. Newer model furnaces and heaters from companies like Moore & Russell Heating Ltd can be smaller and less ghastly. However, if your old clunker is working just fine and not running up your energy bill, there's no need to replace it. [Read More]

Landscaping For Modular Home Installation

If you have selected from one of the many modular homes you had to choose from, from a company like Hart Modular Homes, you're probably anxious to get started making it home. That means you may want to start your landscaping while your foundation or basement and utilities are getting set up. While you can't do everything at once, there are a few things you can do before your modular home gets set up. [Read More]