How To Spot And Stop Powderpost Beetles In Your Hardwood Flooring

The right cleaning supplies and care can keep your hardwood floors looking beautiful for the life of your home. But when powderpost beetles see your hardwood floors as food or a place to call home, they can quickly destroy the beauty of your wood's shine, finish and stability. Finding the bugs isn't easy because they stay hidden deep inside the wood of your flooring. With the right tips, you can spot, stop and annihilate these destructive pests in your hardwood flooring. [Read More]

How To Remove Moss From Your Garage Roof

There are a number of factors that may contribute to moss growth on a garage roof. If the roof is old and the shingles are beginning to decay, the moss has more space to develop its shallow roots in the spaces between the worn shingles. A tree overhanging the rooftop keeps moisture levels high and provides shade, which moss needs to thrive. The best cure for a moss-covered roof is often to replace the roof entirely. [Read More]

Rock Solid Clean: A Guide To Cleaning Natural Stone In And Around Your Home

Natural stone can be stunning -- whether it is part of a fireplace, a kitchen counter, a wall or outdoors in a pathway or landscape feature. However, natural stone can present some challenges when it's time to clean it. Many cleaning products are too harsh for some types of stone, while others require a stronger cleaner in order to make an impact. Here are some tips for cleaning natural stone and keeping it clean both indoors and out. [Read More]

Signs You Need Foundation Repair

No matter how well your house was built, there is a chance that at some point you may need foundation repair. Many people assume that a quality foundation will never be in need of repairs, but the fact is that some of the issues have more to do with geography than your building materials. Things like erosion over time, flooding, and even the weather can have an impact on the foundation. [Read More]