Use These Three Tips To Make Your Roof More Energy Efficient

Although you may not know it, one of the first lines of defense in the battle for energy efficiency in your home is your roof.  Your roof can be the force that causes you to have excessively high energy bills, or energy costs that are much more manageable.  While there are certainly things you can do within the home to make it more energy efficient, neglecting your roof could cause many of your efforts to be in vain. [Read More]

Windshield Replacement And Maintenance Tips

There are many things that a responsible car owner should do to maintain their vehicle's safety and quality performance. Care of the windshield and replacing it whenever necessary is one of those vital habits that keeps a car in top shape. Ways to Prolong a Windshield's Life The occasional chip in your windshield is inevitable, but there are ways you can mitigate the damage caused by these chips and maintain your windshield's safety and functionality. [Read More]

Adding A Drain Line To A Hot Water Heater Pan

Over the years, the tank inside your water heater can begin to corrode and weaken. This can lead to serious leaks that can damage your home, including your carpet, flooring and furnishings. In many parts of the country, homeowners are required to install a pan underneath their hot water heater to catch any leaks. A drain line is then attached to the pan to direct any overflow outside the home. The following will show you how to attach a drain line to a hot water heater pan. [Read More]

How To Properly Store Drinking Water For Emergencies

Clean drinking water is something that should always be in the home. The Center for Health and Nutrition recommends that 8 ounces of water be consumed 8 times daily to maintain healthy hydration levels. When the power goes out or natural disasters hit, the amount of drinking water in your home must be enough to keep your family supplied. How much water is needed for your family and how do your store it properly? [Read More]