Learn How To Make Your Stairs Unique With Chalkboard Paint

Making your steps look unique and exciting doesn't have to be overly difficult. You can give your stairs an updated look by simply painting the front of them. When someone looks at your stairs, the first thing they see is the front of them. If you paint them with chalkboard paint, you can write interesting quotes on the stairs to make every visit to your house new and exciting. Use the following guide to learn how to update your stairs in this unique way. [Read More]

Don't Let High Winds Or Animals Make A Mess Of Your Trash

There are few things more frustrating than walking outside and realising your trash can has been tipped over and all your trash is not tossed about all over the ground. This process isn't just time-consuming, but it's downright disgusting. Most often, high winds or pesky animals are the main reasons you might find yourself in this situation. However, there are some things you can do to at least decrease the likelihood of either of these interferences causing a problem. [Read More]

Four Canadian Landmarks That Were Destroyed Through Controlled Demolition

Numerous historical Canadian structures are no longer in existence because of controlled demolition. Here are four such landmarks.  1. Grand Forks Hotel In 1896, George Washington Carmack discovered gold along the banks of Rabbit Creek. Word of this gold-filled region, located in the Yukon, reached the outside world, and a Klondike gold rush began. A year later, Irish immigrant and entrepreneur Belinda Mulrooney erected the Grand Forks Hotel and Restaurant. She profited not only from the Klondike gold rush miners' business, but also from sweeping up and sifting the dust and shavings that the miners left behind on the hotel floor. [Read More]

Getting The Most From Your Programmable Thermostat

Adding a programmable thermostat is one of the simplest ways of making your air conditioner more energy-efficient. Not only does it give you a greater level of control over your home's cooling comfort, but it offers plenty of smart features for lowering energy consumption and costs. Learn how you can maximize both cooling comfort and energy efficiency by making the most of your programmable thermostat's many features. Getting to the Point [Read More]